Getting ready to race...


  • You will be able to check the Lane Draw online before arriving to see which erg lane you have been assigned and the specific time of your race. 
  • The Paramount Fine Foods Centre has a number of concessions that will be open for food purchase from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. They do not permit spectators or competitors to bring in their own lunch or beverages beyond your own personal unbranded water bottle or special dietary food.


  • Go to the Registration Desk near front doors upon arrival. 
  • Doors open at B-Arena Gate 1 at 7:00 AM and the Reg desk is open until 3:45 pm
  • Pick up your Start Card(s) and check your Lane assignment.and time of your race.
  • If you are rowing in a lightweight category - go to the Weigh-in Station, step on weigh scales and get stamped.   The Weigh-in Station will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. Coxswains do not need to weigh in.


  • Stretch and warm up prior to racing on the new warm up ergs in back half of the arena. There will be 45 ergs in the warmup area.
  • 7-10 minutes prior to your race you will be called to stand near the gate to enter the competition area.  When your lane is free, you may sit on the erg and continue your warm-up. 
  • Hand in your Race Card to the lane official and listen to any instructions from the starter or lane officials.  You are allowed to adjust the damper setting on the flywheel if you like but DO NOT TOUCH THE PM5 monitor FOR ANY REASON.  Ask the Lane Official to make any adjustments you need.


  • Race Start Procedures:   PM5 Monitors will display a countdown from 5-4-3-2-1 - GO. At the start of the countdown - all competitors should be sitting still and the flywheels not moving.  The computer can detect the movement and will wait until all flywheels are stopped.   On your own erg's PM5 Display, the start sequence will show 3 different screens "SIT READY, ATTENTION and then ROW.  The computer will randomly vary the pause between Attention and ROW just like in a real rowing race.
  • If someone begins before the GO, the system will alert a "False Start" and the rower will be identified by lane number. In the first instance the competitor will be given a warning. In the event of two "False Starts" by the same competitor, that competitor may be disqualified.
  • If for some reason there is equipment breakdown or a signal connection failure identified in the first 250m of the race, the race will be stopped, the equipment repaired and the race will be restarted from the beginning. If equipment breaks after the 250m mark, the race will not be stopped.
  • If the boats on the race clock overhead don't move and the PM5 continues to pick up the erg score on its battery backup the race will continue uninterrupted.  Competitors should be reminded to continue racing no matter what is displayed on the TV screens and only stop when they finish their distance or they are told by the lane official to stop.